Our first priority is planet, not profit.

Our founders Kara and Sonny kept finding themselves overwhelmed with the state of the planet, confused over what they could do to give back. After making as many eco-friendly switches at home, they still felt like it just wasn't enough.

Every time they would go to buy something new, their research was overwhelmed by companies claiming to be sustainable (hello greenwashing) or companies who only specialise in one unique product.

The frustration of not having a one-stop-shop for sustainable fashion built up to the point where one night at the kitchen bench they decided to stop looking and create exactly what they needed themselves. And since then there has been no slowing down for The Bare Style Co.

Our mission at The Bare Style Co is simple; we are creating a literal one-stop-shop for sustainable fashion and accessories, without compromising on quality, price or sustainability in our own operations.

We achieve this strict balance between business and sustainability by collaborating with eco-conscious businesses of all sizes to curate a versatile catalog of ethical fashion and eco-friendly accessories to suit everyone and anyone who wants to do better for our earth.

And we do all of this so that our loyal customers can shop guilt-free and have the tools at their disposal to make an informed, eco friendly and thoughtful purchase.


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