We're committed to the planet.

The Bare Style Co. was built on a foundation of sustainability and we're committed to transparency and sharing our impact on the environment.

Keep reading for detailed info on our impact.

Our Promise

We get that with all the information out there it can be hard to know what brands to trust and we certainly understand this not only as an eco-friendly brand in Australia but also as consumers of sustainable fashion ourselves.

At The Bare Style Co, we feel strongly that the best solution is always to use what you have, but in practicality sometimes you do need to buy new items and that's what we're here for.

What you see is what you get with us, we will never lie about our environmental impact no matter how small it may be and we are expecting our community to hold us accountable to that promise and let us know if we're doing something wrong!

What 'Carbon Neutral' looks like for us

We take our environmental impact very seriously, so when it comes to being carbon neutral - we see that as a necessity of being in business, not a bonus marketing technique.

We are currently working towards carbon neutral certification with Climate Active, the governing body in Australia. While we jump through those hoops some of things we do to reduce and offset our carbon are:

  • Using carbon neutral delivery services for all orders
  • Implementing carbon reduction techniques in our offices (changing to LED lights, solar power)
  • Using carbon neutral suppliers as our preference
  • Buying locally when we can to minimise travel of inventory
  • Purchasing carbon offsets in renewable energy & reforestation projects to offset all other output.

We have also committed to releasing an annual report on our carbon output and showing clear proof of how we offset every kg of output.


Our Packing Materials

We are now and forever will be a 100% sustainable Australian brand. Every step of our operations has been curated to provide maximum satisfaction with minimal negative impact on the environment.

We carry this philosophy all the way through to your doorstep, meaning every piece of our packaging is compostable and recyclable:

  • Compostable mailing satchels
  • Water-activated kraft tape
  • Recycled cardboard boxes
  • Recycled FSC paper thank you cards & promo material with 0% toxic inks
  • Kraft paper hexagonal protective wrap
  • Recycled tissue paper
  • Compostable shipping labels

Our Products

Our development team have a rigorous checklist that brands must meet before we will stock them. While many of our products have different benefits and environmental impacts - you can rest assured that every single product is sustainable and not a product of fast fashion.

Only Sustainable. No Exceptions.

Not only do we look for sustainable brands, but we are most strict about the materials and process going in to each product. Many traditional businesses now stock sustainable lines - which is a great thing! We want to stock products that are made of things that won't hurt the environment.

We have curated a resource page where you can understand the key materials we use in our products and their impact.

Materials Matter.

While we do everything we can to make sure we are being as sustainable as possible - we know that the most important part of sustainability is being open, honest and transparent about our impact.

On all product pages we list the positive AND negative environmental and social impacts of each product. We also provide clear analysis of how each material interacts with the earth and how you can dispose of it properly. If we don't have full supply chain knowledge - we will tell you and you can decide if you're okay with that or if you'd prefer a verified supply chain.

We also provide a list of suppliers and links to their sustainability processes/supply chains and factory conditions where possible.

Transparency, always.

Our Suppliers:

Made in Australia

Post Consumer Recycled Material

Made in Indonesia

Post Consumer Recycled Material

Supply Chain Verified

Handmade in Tasmania, Australia

Natural Australian Sourced Materials

Supply Chain Verified

Made in Italy by Mazzucchelli

Plant-based plastics & Recycled metals

Supply Chain Verified

Made in China and Vietnam

Natural, Recycled and Sustainable Materials

Supply Chain Verified

B Corp Certified

Australian Business

FSC Wood & Plant-based plastics


Designed in San Francisco

Post Consumer Recycled Material (sourced in USA)

Carbon Neutral

1% for the planet member

Made across Europe and Cornwall, England

Recycled Fishing Nets Salvaged in European Waters

Verified Supply Chain

Handmade in India

Surplus & natural materials

Fair Trade

Verified Supply Chain

Made in India

Post Consumer Recycled Material

Fair Trade

Supports vulnerable women

Verified Supply Chain

Australian Business

Natural Materials sourced from Aus & Madagascar

Epitome Hats

Assembled in USA

Plant-based Plastics

By Lunari

Green icon indicates verified supply chain

Information included where it has been verified by us.


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